[11Hong] Coin Patch 120枚

吊牌价 $45.20
活动价 $45.20
合计 $ 约CNY



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[Description] -Size of coin -Manufactuered goods -Large quantity (120 sheets) -Feeling of warmth -Good adhesion -Non-detection of BPA -Expiration date : 36 months after manufactured date (list on the package) [Precautions for Use] 1. Don't use pregnant women 2. Use it under supervision of the caretaker when using it for children 3. Don't put it on before or after bathing 4. If your skin is weak, attach it to the inside of your arm for more than half a day based on small piece of 1 cm square piece before using it. Check for signs of rashes, seizures, itching, and soreness 5. Cover and adhere to sweat or glands well 6. If you have weak skin, don't stick it in the same place 7. Be careful when combined with a pyrotechnic (hot pack, electric charge, etc.) as the irritation can become stronger 8. If you experience any problems with this product (toughness, allergic symptoms), please stop using it 9. Do not use in the following areas (1) Oral, mucous membrane, etc (2) eczema, blisters, and wound locations 10. Do not apply the patch for more than five to six hours if the skin is weak, as it may cause skin rash or redness - general manufactured goods, not medicines

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