[EZN] shaking pudding hair color染发膏 (4种颜色) (140mL)

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容量:Container #1 Colorant (Liquid type item) 70mL + Container #2 Developer(Liquid type item) 70mL
Manufacturer : Dongsung.Bio,
保质期 : 3 years from manufacturing date
* Free Gift : Pudding Salon Hair Pack

*Product description
Directions: First, wear gloves before starting the coloring session. Pour an equal amount of #1 (colorant) & #2 (developer) into the provided plastic container and close the cap until you hear the click sound.
Mix well by shaking the container horizontally or sideways until the mixture turns to gel. (Do NOT shake the container vertically or up & down).
Carefully open the container from the side and scoop the contents on hand to start the procedure.
Use appropriate amounts as you color by sections to apply the gel to the top, sides, and the back.
Gently rub the gel against hair. With the remaining gel, lightly apply along the hairline to finish the procedure.
Wait according to the indicated time for the color to process (20 min. to cover gray hair, 30 min. to change the hair color).
After the desired color is obtained, wash and rinse several times with lukewarm water until water runs clear.
NOTE: Leave extra 10 min. if the coloring procedure is done at cool temperature (below room temperature) and/or for thick hair.

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